Monday, August 11, 2008

It's a Small World!

My son has returned safe and sound from his trip to Norway. He could not get over how fresh the water tasted, the delicious fish he ate daily, and the hospitality of the people! One afternoon he and his girlfriend decided to visit her grandparents on the tiny island of Idse. The only way to get there was by ferry while traveling through a fjord...

Once there, they helped the grandparents on the farm and attended a barbecue in a friend's backyard. My son said there was a young German man about his age at the barbecue and someone had told him the man had learned Norwegian in about a month. Intrigued, as my son said he did lots of smiling while people were talking all around him and he understood none of it, he started talking to Adam.

Adam mentioned he had been in the U.S. a few years ago, New York to be exact. My son exclaimed that was where he was from! "Yes", he said, "I went to Long Island."

"Wow," my son remarked, "That is where I am from!"

"I was on a cultural exchange choir program through my church. I stayed in the town of (our home town here)."

"What?? That's where I live!," my son responded, "Who did you stay with?"

Adam said the name of the family. "Hey, that's my babysitter! She watched me when I was little and my Mom was working!" When my son told me the story he said,"Mom, what are the chances of my being on a tiny island in a fjord in Norway at a backyard barbecue and I meet someone who knows my babysitter??" He was amazed.

"It's a small world, son!" :0)

Speaking of it's a a small world...blogging makes the world smaller and lovelier, don't you think? My dear friend Oliver Rain sent me this gorgeous tea towel! It really goes with my kitchen and I have it hanging on the stove...

See the close up of the embroidery...
Then she added some Canadian berry tea, something I have never had before, and it is delicious! She is just the sweetest person and I am glad to call her friend.
Lastly, Cori from Gingerbread Crumbs gave me this award...thank you, Cori! I am passing it on to all of you! Please pick it up! All of you make the world a smaller, brighter, more wonderful place just by knowing you and sharing your comments! Have the greatest day!


Rosie's Whimsy said...

Your son has just proven the whole "six degrees of separation" theory. I just love those kind of things!

Magnolia Street Style said...

What a great story. It just goes to show that our actions can ripple throught the world like ripples on a pond. The photos look like paradise, I'd love to catch the next ferry to that island.

I've taken a virtual vacation from all of the photos that you have been sharing. Thanks.

Adrienne said...

Hi Tara -
What a great experience for your son! The photos are wonderful. I feel like I was there.

Your new tea towel is darling! Such cute embroidery and a sweet gift. Wish I lived closer - I'd stop by to share tea.

Firefly Hill said...


Wow it is a small world isnt it? I love Oliver Rain's tea towel!

Have a great week!


Mary Isabella said...

Can you image that!!! It really is a small world!!......Smiles...mary

Cottage Contessa said...

Wow, what an amazing story Tara! I have to agree, the world is a very small place at times! Beautiful tea towel from the lovely Oliver Rain, she's a sweetheart! Wishing you a wonderful week dear friend!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Donna said...

What a great story! It IS a small world.

Love the embroidered kitchen towel. How cute.

And, congrats on your award!

Have a great week, Tara!

Pat said...

That was an amazing meeting your son had, Tara, and it does prove this world can be a small place!

The tea towel is so adorbale! It's always fun to get surprise packages from blogger friends.

Hugs, Pat

M.Kate said...

Dearest Tara
Firstly, the photos are perfect!! I would like to be there one day, I can imagine the cool air and all those food!! Wow, the chances of meeting someone so far away and knowing there was a link, well you said it well, its a small world!! Your towel is gorgeous. Hey, thanks for the award, i love I'll definitely pick it up.Tks for sharing Tara, you and your family have a great week ahead..and before long, its hammock time again...I should get one :D

Tracy said...

The world is in many ways small...what a terrific story from your son! So glad he's some, safe & sounds and had a fab time in Norway! :o) LOVE your pretty tea towel...And congrats on your award, Tara..couldn't have happened to a sweeter friend! ((BIG HUGS))

bj said...

The photos of your son's fabulous trip are just magnificent. Thanks so much for sharing.
And, thank you for the award...I am taking it home with me today.
Congrats on winning LITTLE RED HOUSE giveaway...some great stuff there!
hugs, bj

Lydia said...

Hello Tara,
Your son must have had a great time. The photos are lovely. My brother's ex wife was Norwegion. I love the tea cup on the towel too.
Have a nice day,

berryberr said...

Just came across your wonderful blog! Nice one there.... Will be checking back regularly from now on!

Rhondi said...

Hi Tara
I am from Canada and I've never heard of Cnadain berry tea.

Oliver Rain said...

I'm so glad you love your tea towel. It looks perfect on the stove.

I love hearing stories like your son's. The world really is very small.

Sandi McBride said...

What a wonderful post. It made me smile from ear to ear Tara...I'm still grinning over the babysitter and the much fun...thank you for the lovely award...I'm such a nut for tea, I'd take it even if weren't offered lol! Hugs

JeannieTheDreamer said...

What a nice story, Tara! and you deserve the award, i can even call you Ms. Friendship. Congratulations also on winning Mary's give away.


Life on Bonnie Lane said...

What a cool story! Even though we live in a huge, vast world, it really is made so very small sometimes! I just read somewhere about the 6 degrees of separation actually proving out to be pretty factual!

Love those pics of Norway. It sounds beautiful! Also what a lovely gift from your friend!


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