Monday, June 30, 2008

Fiscal and Physical Fitness

Tomorrow is July 1. The beginning of the fiscal year. I never think of the year beginning this way. School years begin in September, January begins another calendar year, April begins another year of my time on this earth as I mark my birthday.

But July 1 through June 30 is how the fiscal year runs. For awhile now I have been wondering how fiscally responsible I am (OK, no wondering, not very). That lead me to thinking how physically responsible am I? (Again, not idea of exercise is getting the newspaper off our very long driveway!)

So I made a pact with myself that on July 1 I'd to try to be fiscally and physically responsible for the year (oh no--too long a committment) but maybe for the summer...

And since I announced it here, I'll be more committed, right? I may digress once in awhile and let you know my travails. Not a big spender, I never really think about where I am putting my money. Why did I give it to Dunkin' Donuts?? And now that I am in my mid 40s, shouldn't I do something to maintain a nice quality of life? I have been walking with Tucker but once the dog's back started bothering him, I stopped. See? I am even using the dog as an excuse!

So, I am putting my fiscal and physical self on the line here...anyone care to join me?? :0)


Teresa @ PlumWater Cottage said...

What a great time to start a "plan" weather excuses, fresh fruits and veggies easily accessible...of course, it can always be too hot to be outside and active! As for the fiscal part, I think I've pared down as much as I possibly can. I guess the next step is to generate income in some way. Good Luck, Tara...I'll join you.

Tara said...

Thanks! Ah, to have a pal pal who'll help me persevere!

Amongst The Oaks said...

I like your plan too. I already walk often, but the fiscal thing is a good idea too.
Your birthday is in April? So is mine. My husband says I'm a stubborn old Taurus! Hmmmph! What does he know?
Hugs, Laura

Mae said...

sound like a great plan and good time to start.

Angela said...

Oh my!! You have read my mind :-). So we start tomorrow right? What time do we get this party started? *giggles*. I'm on board with ya sister!!. Let me warn ya I'm weak and I may whine a time or two. Can I still show off goodies I bought really cheap the other day that I've yet to post about? Exercise won't start at the crack of dawn will it? See I'm already whining *LOL*.
Have an inspiring day!

Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Tara, what a great idea! I need to be both fiscally and physically fitter that is for sure!

Ok, I am in....but I do have to buy for my business (see I am already getting around this-lol).

I am going to come up with a plan to move more and eat heathier! Today I published a post on my 29th anniversary and I can see over the years how much weight I have gained...YIKES nothing like some pictures to make you motivated!

Cottage Contessa said...

Yay! I'll be your cheer squad! Go Tara, Go Tara! Wishing you a wonderful fun & fit week sweetie!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

You go girl! I'll be right there with you.

Cori G. said...

Hah! I was thinking the same thing. Physical not fiscal. I was thinking about a 30 day bike challenge. Then if I complete that maybe another 30 day bike challenge. Are you up for a bike ride?

Have fun!
:) Cori

M.Kate said...

Ha...Tara, how come reading this post sounds so familiar? I pestered my husband to buy our current house at tha botanical garden, so I can jog everyday. I did for one month. Then pestered him for an exercise machine, I did..for 3 months. Then came the club I can swim with the kids, the kids did go swimming, and I did go there, to eat club sandwiches watching them. Its all about the commitment, and obviously I am not a very discipline person...oh..wait, I am - when it comes to food. hahahaha..your plan sure sounds stick on with it!

Janet said...

Way to go, I wish I was nearly as motivated as you are. I am pretty good with the fiscal stuff, but not at all good with the physical stuff.


Centsible Mommy said...

I definitely need to set up a physical goal...I think I will at least make a plan to start walking for hard core exercise I have never been a fan...thus why i am so out of

The pics of your flowers are gorgeous btw.

Have a great day,


dlyn said...

It's a great idea to take stock of this at a different time of year than we usually consider it all [New Years resolutions]- really making me think!

Mary said...

Good for you, Tara! You have inspired me. I will try, too. :)

Pat said...

Hi Tara!
WONDEFUL post! I started to answer here, but I was writing so much I've decided to do a blog post about this today myself -- I'll link back to you and use your graphic, if you don't mind....and maybe we can all share our methods for trying to stay in shape and stay healthy and fiscally sound on our blogs! It's such an important subject!

I'll let you know when my blog is up --- Thanks!

Hugs, Pat

pve design said...


Setting up a routine, a schedule is best for physical as well as fiscal goals.
I really try to exercise at least 3 x a week, tennis, yoga, skiing in the winter and swimming in the summer. Walking is just added on, not really considered a true work-out.
I go to the bank weekly with "coins" and deposit them for my kids. It adds up when you form a good habit of saving.
Pennies to make dollars as well as one push-up leads to firm bodies~

Great that you are thinking about planning your goals and trying to meet them. (hope you dad is doing well, went to the Notre Dame today here in Paris and thought of him!)

Sandi McBride said...

I don't know Tara, sounds like a new years resolution...I'm always the first to break those! However, I promise to love and care for my garden and build my fairy hut before summer is over and that will keep me semi/fit and I will be eating lots of fruit and veggies so that will help save me money at the grocers...maybe I'll join you after all!

Pat said...

OK Tara -- I blogged about this too! :-) Let's get started!

Hugs, pat

Kari & Kijsa said...

We didn't know today was the first day of the fiscal year! We lift our diet cokes in honor! Good luck with the plan!

Have a blessed and wonderful day!

smiles, kari & kijsa

laura said...

I am impressed with your plan. Good luck. And, thanks for the clam recipe. Sounds good and the husband is always wanting a clam bake which is not as easy here as it was when we lived in Ohio.

Great photos, as usual.

Brenda@Spareminute cottage said...

Hi Sounds like a great idea,I have been trying to do both .I will post my progress.
Best Wishes