Monday, May 5, 2008

Yellow and Eternal Spring

Deep on a Sunday afternoon, there's no place I'd rather be than at my Mom and Dad's. My mother will have a porkloin with sauerkraut roasting in the oven, my husband will be catching a nap on the den couch, my father will be giving me a tour of the "ponderosa" (as he calls his yard).

The girls might be in the kitchen making chocolate covered strawberries with my mother whom they call Mommom. I'll be out in the yard examining my father's pear tree with him ("Can you believe the size of this, daughter?"), his new hibiscus, and the New Guinea impatiens he'll be planting aroung the oak tree out front. My kids call my father Hobba. It started with my son and much as we tried to undo it, it stuck. Now, so proud, he has a license plate bearing the name!

But we'll all be called in later to this yellow diningroom. To me, this room exudes warmth, love, good conversation, lucious food. Mommom's best china is used, the sideboard opened and filled with our dessert--probably stroufli, small Italian dough balls smothered with honey and sprinkles. And the strawberries! You sit a little straighter here and you're aware of the goodness around you. How is it that a room can fill your soul and that dining here can be such a joyous experience?

I'll leave with a goody bag full of enough food to feed us the next night. Bellies full, the girls might nod off in the car on the way home. We leave happy, content.

Someday I hope my kids will feel the same way about our home, but for now, it's so good to go to Mommom and Hobba's!


Kathleen Grace said...

Oh that room is beautiful! So sunny and warm and formal but inviting. I love how your mother decorates:>)

Kari & Kijsa said...

Such a warm and cheerful room! The perfect place for strawberries!!! Have a blessed day!!

kari & kijsa

M.KATE said...

Firstly, beautiful rooms and decor. Secondly, i am so jealous of you all. Everyone has a beautiful garden or know someone in the family with some fruit trees. How I wish we have more space here and can plant more trees. I really love spring (though it's 365 summer holidays here) as I get a chance to see everyone's flowers, which most are not grown here..oh..yes we do have, the plastic ones.

Happy week ahead :)

Thirkellgirl said...

That sounds so great. I never have had that sort of Sunday-afternoon-with-family experience but I hope to provide it for my girls when they're grown and return with their kids. Your mom's dining room is pretty!

CIELO said...

I know what you mean... I'm the same and feel the same way about mom and dad.... being with them is being in a sort of paradise where everything is love, and confort.

May our Lord bless your mom and dad and give you many wonderful days with them....

Have a great week


Pat said...

Just magical, Tara! You are indeed very blessed to have such a warm and loving family to give your children such good memories. I have no doubt that you will provide the same someday to your grandchildren.

Mmmmmm...stroufli! What a treat!

Hugs, Pat

Mary said...

Oh Tara, your mom's dining room is BEAUTIFUL!!! I can tell from your words, too, how special your parents are to you, and to your children. What a sweet picture you paint...

Dena ~ swaddlecottage said...

I wanna go to Mommom and Hobba's too! I'm reading this and getting that warm fuzzy feeling that only family can provide. Thank you for sharing your warm family with us.


Donna said...

What a warm and beautiful place to be.

Alison Gibbs said...

What a beautiful room.
Ther is nothing quite like 'going home'

JeannieTheDreamer said...

Hi Tara, may i see mommom and hobba? Will they mind being in your blog? Your children are blessed, your family is blessed. It is good to be around each other isn't it? Treasure every moment :)


Classic Charm said...

Oh it sounds so wonderful there! You and your family are truly blessed. I'm glad you take the time to realize how special it really is.

Anonymous said...

Love the room.. so warm and cozy. Sounds like a great time.

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

What a warm welcoming home! You are so blessed to have both your parents alive and for your children to have grandparents in their lives. I love that your dad has a license plate with Hobba on it!

Tracy said...

That is a delightful room! And so is this post, Tara...felt we were there with you...What a lovely day! Happy week to you all ((HUGS))

KarenHarveyCox said...

You are so blessed to have such a lovely family. Your mom's dining room is so warm and beautiful. Sounds like you are all enjoying wonderful times. Karen

Cottage Contessa said...

Tara, this is such a beautiful post! The room is just gorgeous, but what I love the most is the feelings you have for your family. They are such a precious gift, and I love that you know this and appreciate every moment with them. Awesome sweetie, just awesome!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Rosie's Whimsy said...

What a sweet post. It truly warmed my heart! It's so wonderful to be building those memories for you and your children. Thanks for sharing the story and your Mother's gorgeous dining room. :-) Rosie

Sandi McBride said...

Oh Tara, what memory evoking words you've just posted. Lovely

Oliver Rain said...

I love going home too. Thanks for sharing your visit to your parents.

A Romantic Porch said...

What a touching story. I hope my children will feel this way about me someday! Mommom's decor is beautiful. xoRachel

bj said...

What a lovely and warm room...from lovely and warm parents!
hugs, bj

Renee said...

Reality that I have to face is that I will constantly be around and be reminded what I think a family should be, and act like will be in my thoughts daily.

I have to admit that when I read this my heart felt at peace with you and I could be happy that you have this in your life. But I hurt with the other familes who are like mine that do not have close knit families, or the wonderful togetherness that so many familes share with one another.

If I could give a hug, and a gentle word to show them they are cared for and deserve no less then the ones that are so greatly appreciated & loved so dearly.

I envy people alot of having caring mothers, and be able to have that. I really have prayed that my mother would turn to me and accept what she is... a mother, and grandmother of four beautiful, creative and smart grandchildren that she has never taken the time to know. I am an only child that has left footprints to a better life, and a better family tie for them.Your post made me think of what I want for my children, and future grandchildren. To feel at home, unjudged and be able to feel at peace of how lucky it is to have each other, a home to bring togetherness, and the special moments that you will always remember.

I will always be here for my family in good and bad just like the vows I had promised to my husband 7 years ago.

I tend to ramble but when I am so happy to read something that is a personal moment that is shared with me,I have to comment!

Hugs(()) Renee

Lori said...

What a wonderful time at your parents! Wow if thats how Mom decorates I'd love to se the rest! Congrats on the anniversary! I completely forgot mine was in April!! Take care and the dessert sounded too good! Lori

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

What a beautiful post and a beautiful dining room! We recently painted the whole inside of our home yellow and I just love it! You are right it is so warm and comforting! The whole feel of my home has changed since!

I would want to bet there on a Sunday afternoon too!


bluemuf said...

Tara, the room is lovely. Congratulations on your upcoming 100th post.

Have a Beautiful Mother's Day tomorrow.

Hugs karen

Lynne Laura said...

Hi Tara,

That yellow dining room is so inviting! I just want to come over and sit down with a nice cup of tea.

Kindredly, Lynne Laura

Susie Q said...

It is all so very warm and pretty. No wonder you love to be there! It just is such a happy room!