Sunday, April 27, 2008

Hammock Time

We are back from our trip to South Carolina...I'll be on the hammock today...why is it when you come back from a vaca you need a day to readjust? Hee-hee! Enjoy your Sunday!


Oliver Rain said...

Welcome back! Looking forward to reading about your trip. Enjoy a little hammock time today.

Holly (Nickname) said...

Welcome back to blogland!
Heck, it thought ALL of your days were spent on a hammock!!! (heehee)
Oh, and that lemon cake looks YUMMY!!!
Hope you are having a blesssed day Tara~~
xxxooo Ruth

bluemuf said...

Welcome back...I hope you had a great trip and look forward to seeing pictures.


Janet said...

Welcome back Tara; you were missed.


Cori G. said...

Hi Tara,
I hope you had a wonderful vacation and I can't wait to see all the pics and hear about it. I have always wanted to go to Chaleston. YOU ARE SO LUCKY! I swear, I have to vacation vicariously through you and Pat :)

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Welcome home! Can't wait to see your pictures.....oh....the beach...sand between your toes...sigh.... :-) Rosie

ShabbyInTheCity said...

OH gosh you're making me want to move to the south!
Oh, wait. I already live there :)

pve design said...

You must know that several seasons ago - our old faithful hammock like this one, bit the dust. It was on my list to break down and purchase a new one, but it seemed other things took over, until my son said, "Hey when are we ever gonna get a new hammock - I miss those days on a hammock"... then I realized how you must have been a subliminal message!
I is up and great plants aspire to get out there and add some time, some days to my life, to slow down and to smell the flowers.