Sunday, January 13, 2008

Why Days Missed on a Hammock?

I work full time, have three kids, a dog, a rabbit, you know the drill! And sometimes don’t you just find yourself running from one thing to the next? You realize it’s happening when you’re sitting at the stop light that you are just blowing through life. This is not what life is all about! I don’t want to feel like I missed days lying on a hammock, looking at the sky, noticing the buds, watching my daughter play with bubbles. I want to know I felt every moment and while that may not be entirely possible, maybe if I record my life, our home, I’ll see each moment with the clarity you can only acquire while lying on your back swinging in a hammock!

When each of my children was 18 months old I had their portrait taken...even though my son is now 19, and my daughters 14 and 7, they are all frozen in time at the same age! I love the fact that I can see them as babies together as they are all 12 years apart! I often sit in this room and try and see the similarities between them all--I see them as so very different but everyone else says they all so look alike!


Anonymous said...

Welcome to the neighborhood. Your banner is very pretty. Thank you for your kind words. :)

Barb McMahon said...

Welcome to Blogland Tara! This is great!

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Welcome! I hope you enjoy blogland, thanks for inviting me here!


Penny @ Lavender Hill Studio said...

Hi Tara,
Welcome to blog world! I am glad to have a chance to get to meet you! I love your banner. Is that your living room?

Please come visit me when you have time. I am having a contest/giveaway!

Tara said...

Yes, Penny, that's my livingroom! It's where we snuggle and read!

Looking forward to visiting your blog!

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Hi Tara! Welcome to blogland! I love your pictures of your children :) So sweet!

I will be back to visit!

Kathleen Grace said...

Thaks for stopping by my blog. Your kids pictures are absolutely adorable! You ahve a beautiful family:>)