Monday, January 14, 2008

I love this print in our livingroom (yes, my banner is our livingroom!)

One late morning I was riding my bike when I saw a tag sale sign a few blocks away. I stopped in. The owner was a designer who, believe it or not, had the same house as I did! It was weird and wonderful walking around a house with the same layout and seeing it decorated differently! Everything was truly expensive and I never have that kind of budget. Yet, I spotted this print on the wall and quietly put in an offer for $20.00. The designer fought me and tried to raise the price but I wouldn’t (and couldn’t!) budge. I walked away for a bit feeling a little flushed and foolish. Moments later she came up to me and said “OK” but you could tell she wasn’t happy! Btu I was! I got on my bike and went as fast as my totally out of shape legs could go! Zooming into the driveway, I saw my husband cutting the lawn. I hopped into the car and started dashing backward out of the driveway. He waved me down, put the mower in neutral, and asked where I was going.

I explained a tag sale. His eyes rolled. “What did you buy?”
“A print”
“Of what?”
“’s a print for the living room—it’s sort of a peasant holding like a lightning rod that has 6 pigeons on it.”
He looked at me quizzically, put the mower in high gear and, shaking his head, kept walking across the lawn.

Like I said,
I love this print!


Janet said...

Thanks for stopping by and entering my giveaway. I like that print too and love your "description" o it. Men just don't get it, do they* smile*.

Amy at Bunny Rose Cottage said...

Tara, I just love your living room! And I can see why you like the print! Your husband sounds just like mine! Smiling and shaking his head. I get that look daily. But he loves me anyway, lol!


Mary said...

Love that print -- so cute! And what a great story. You are truly a super shopper. :)

Abbie said...

Hi Tara! I think that you hav ean amazing blog going here and I'll put you on on my list right now.. it is ironic, you are just starting a fabulous blog and I'm slowing mine down.. :) I was trying to figure out the URL thing you emailed about.. I have never done it. (Atleast I don't think I have) :) Have a lovely week!
:) Abbie

Allison said...

Hi Tara, welcome to the world of blogging. I hope you like it. You're off to a terrific start! Your home looks lovely. I think the story of your living room print is very funny. Some husbands just don't quite understand why we like certain things. I know that look you described.

allie said...

Husbands don't always understand these things!

your living room makes a perfect blog banner.