Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Is That a Sandwich?

Ah, school lunches...

The past two weeks my eldest daughter has been very busy competing in Varsity Tennis competitions...and we have been there at the sidelines cheering her on. As a result, our afternoons have been busy! Hastily we put dinner together and do a few chores before we all crawl into bed exhausted from playing (and watching!!)

As a result, I haven't been on Clean Patrol! This week I've detected a smell emenating from dear eldest daughter's bedroom. She is at the end of the hall and I don't often get that way unless I am delivering laundry. So imagine my sensory assault when I opened her door yesterday and was smacked with a pungent smell bad enough to kill anyone in its path!

"Honey, what do you think that is?" I asked her as she was sitting in the room viewing her computer.


"That smell..."

"Huh? There's a smell?" Stunned, I was wondering if it had become so engrained in her nostrils she didn't even realize what she was sitting in.

"We are cleaning this room after dinner!" I closed the door to save my stomach from another whiff and also to save myself from the waves of protest.

We started with the closet. Nothing there. The drawers. Nothing. Went through the desk. Zip. Then we ventured under the bed. Silver foil flashed the lightbulb's reflection.

"What's that?" I asked. She shrugged. I pulled it out from under the bed. The smell grew closer and I knew we had the culprit. At this point she was gagging and laughing--the smell was beyond reason!

I opened the foil. The mold was past green, into a severe stage of deep brown gunk.

"I think this is a tuna sandwich gone bad. It appears to have been here since the beginning of school!" I said with disgust.

"Uh, Mom", she replied smiling, "I haven't brought tuna to school since last June. Guess it was there awhile!" Yikes! Straight to the garage garbage can!

Later, I actually had to drive the sandwich--double wrapped--to a local dumpster because the garage was starting to smell so badly!

PS--It did not look as good as the pic! Haha!


M.Kate said...

Yikes..that's scary. I have the same problem with the kid's bags at times...and when you open them, you could smell it a mile away..hugs/M

Cori G. said...

Good morning Tara,

What a hilarious tale!!! Isn't it funny how one can become accustomed to such things and never notice them?
Your daughter's olfactories must be on strike...Ha ha!!!
Oh how I've missed your funny sense of humor ;-).


black eyed susans kitchen said...

Oh you cracked me up!! When my daughter leaves for college, I go up to her room the day after and scout out all the "left overs" and dirty dishes. The kids rooms are upstairs so I only occasionally venture up there. I can relate.'
♥, Susan

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

Oh Tara, this is so funny! How is it that kids don't notice these things? LOL! I rememebr when my son was a teenager, the odor from his sneakers could knock me over ... and I discovered a bag of charcoal tucked inside every night was a great sneaker odor eliminator. I guess you'll have to give your daughter's room the Febreeze treatment now?!

bj said...

O, Tara...haaaahhhhaaa...this so brings back memories of when I would find salsa, chips, sandwiches...all kinds of goodies, underneath my son's bed. I would have a hissy fit but it never did any good. Guess I didn't throw fits very well. :O) Bless your daughter's heart...she had grown used to the smell and didn't even notice it.
Hope all is well in your world....
xo bj

KarenHarveyCox said...

Oh that is so funny. Kids what would we do without them? They spice up our lives and make our hair turn gray.

Rhoda @ Southern Hospitality said...

Tara, how funny!

And thank you for coming by to see me, I always appreciate your comments.

Sandi McBride said...

Lucky for all of you that you made that little trip down the hall~
you will not believe what the word verification is

the ungourmet said...


My daughter's room smelled like mildew for a couple of days and I couldn't tell where it was coming from. I finally smelled the tennies she wore on a recent rain soaked field trip and found the culprit! They went straight to the outside garbage can! :D

Nita in South Carolina said...

A couple of years ago, my son put a banana in his backpack for a snack - and forgot about it - and it made its way to the bottom of the backpack, where it stayed for a couple of weeks . . . ewwww!

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