Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Sisterly Correspondence

As a holiday gift my youngest daughter received a two-sided white board. At first, she played teacher madly! Her sister, brother, father and I were the students, of course. (And our dog, Tucker. He always got an A on his papers!) Soon it was time for back to school, and there hasn't been as much time for playing teacher...

But I started noticing she was just drawing...And then writing her older sister notes like the one below:
I'd see my High School daughter walk by, smile as she read the message, and write a response:

Now they write to each other all the time. One sneaks into the den and picks up a pen when the other isn't looking. And the excited look on the other sister's face when she realizes a message has been left is priceless!
I do not have a sister but when I had my second daughter, I thought my feet would never touch the ground again! I was so happy they would have each other in the world. They are seven years apart in age but suddenly I see a fostering of closeness that I guess only sisters can have. They'll both snuggle on the couch together to watch a movie, under the same blanket, although there is plenty of other space to spread out. They'll sit together in the chair at the computer watching "Funny Baby" videos on You Tube. No matter where my High School daughter is, her younger sister is not far behind...
Those of you who have a sister know what I mean. For me, I am so very glad they have something I do not...a friend and confidante for life! It brings me so much joy!


The Quintessential Magpie said...

This is such a precious post, Tara! I have two sisters, and I have friends who are as close as sisters. There is nothing like the society of other women. It's such a blessing, and I love that you have two beautiful daughters who love each other so much.


Sheila :-)

Pat @ Mille Fiori Favoriti said...

It is so wonderful that they get along so well, Tara! I have a sister, and two brothers, so there we always had someone to be close to.

I often use to wish that my daughter had a sister, but she has sister-in-law which is good too...and lots of friends who are also very close.

Hugs, Pat

Firefly Hill said...

Tara that is so sweet! I am not sure that my two would write such nice notes to each other...but they are boy/girl. I love the idea of the art board!


dlyn said...

A lovely post Tara - my sister is my best friend and I love seeing my girls grow their relationship now too. The message thing with your girls is just so precious!

caren said...

Tara ~ what a great story! I have two sisters - one I am very close to and adore.....the other one? Not so much. Long story!!!!!

Your ocean sounds are so soothing!

Donna said...

Tara, this is so cute.

I have a sister, we're five years apart, and we are very close ~ she's my best friend.


Deb said...

What a fun message board! I have a feeling you be taking lots of photos of it (and the notes) :-)Great memories to look back on.

Kathleen Grace said...

THe messages are priceless! What dear girls you have. I always told my girls, "friends come and go, but your sister should always be there for you."

kari and kijsa said...

this is the sweetest post!!
Just catching up on our blogging...stopping by to say hello!
kari & kijsa

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Tara, That is the cutest story. It never ceases to amaze me how kids develop their relationships and seem to be able to appreciate each other. My three kids are surprisingly close. They planned a surprise 25th anniversary party for us, one being in college at the time and the other two in high school. We were floored, but also tickled pink. Your post made me smile.
♥, Susan

dana said...

I so enjoyed this post! My sis was my best friend. We were 2 years apart in age---she lived in another state her entire adulthood, but we jabbered frequently on the phone and WROTE letters to each other to stay in contact. She died unexpectedly when she was forty--that was 19 years ago. It happened just 8 mo after our dad passed away. It was horrible for my mom and my niece. I still recall my last phone conversation with my sister. She had been really sick and I called her every day to check on her. In that last conversation, she thanked me over and over for the long-distance attention I had shown for her. She died two days after that. While, I miss her terribly, I still feel her with me--even death can't take that away. So, the wonderful times your girls are enjoying---will be with them forever. What a blessing.

OK--I wanted to tell you I tried your Baked Fish recipe--it is shown on my post today! :) We enjoyed it so much!


A Romantic Porch said...

That is so totally sweet. My little princess wants a sister. I wish she had one!