Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hammock Time!

Enjoy the day with you and yours--we made it through the hurricane unscathed so I'll be soaking up the sun here!

Tracy of Pink Purl and Karen of A Scrapbook of Inspiration both sent me this lovely award and I thank them! They are both the sweetest people--Tracy is livingin Norway creating beautiful bags and other goodies for her Etsy shop. Karen is a talented artist whose paintings are so lovely! If you can give them both a visit, you'll be happy you did!

Here are the "rules" for this one:1. Please put the logo on your blog.2. Link the person from whom you received your award.3. Nominate at least 7 other blogs.4. Put the links of those blogs on to your blog.5. Leave a message on their blogs to tell them!

I am lovingly sending this off to: Jeanne of Dreamerjean, Alison of Creative Art and Craft, Oliver of Oliverrain, Susie Q of Rabbit Run Cottage, Cori of Gingerbread Crumbs, Adrienne of With a Gratefuul Heart, Pat of Mille Fiori Favoriti, Rachel of A Romantic Porch, Mary of Simple Happy Home, Betty of She's Sew Pretty, Janet of Housepeepers, Kristin of Kennerely Suzoku, Lynn of The Vintage Nest, Annie of Firefly Hill, Kelly of Serenity Cottage, Carletta of Round the Bend, Gina of Gingerbread, BJ of Sweet Nothings, Mary of Little Red House, Rhondi of Rose Colored Glasses, Tales from an OC Cottage, Sandi of Holding Patterns, Kelly of Fenwickmama, Rhoda of Southern Hospitality, Judy of Gracious Southern Living, Deb of Posted From Home, Brenda of Welcome to Country Romance, Penny at Lavendar Hill, Melissa at The Inspired Room, Beth at Gathering Dust, Kathleen at Kathy's Cottage, Brenda of the Brenda Blog, Cielo at House in the Roses, Sherry of Edie Marie's Attic, Rue of Peanut Butter and Jelly Life, Felicity of All Things Bright & Beautiful, Barb of May December Home, Donna of Donna's Art, Tina of Garden Goose, Amanda of Cottage Contessa, dlyn of Dlyn, Vee of A Haven for Vee, Ele of A Bit of Pink Heaven, Laura of Amongst the Oaks, Decor Journal, Shannon of Faith & Chocolate, M. Kate of La Vie Est Belle, Kady of Life on Bonnie Lane, Lydia of Lydia's Organic Garden, Magnolia Street Style, CAssie of Mockingbird Hill, Patricia of pve design, Linda of Restyled Home, Rosie of Rosie's Whimsy, Alexandra of Silver Bell Cottage, Spot of Spot.....

Whew! That's alot of award winners but I felt the need to pass this on to so many!

Some of you asked for the book I am currently reading...

This author just started writing at 45 when she was sitting in the parking lot waiting for her daughter to come out of swimming lessons...very funny read about a 41 yr old woman who suddenly finds herself separated and living again with her parents! Enjoy it!


Firefly Hill said...

Hi Tara,

Thanks so much for the award! You are so sweet... Last night was crazy with TS Hannah....very windy and lots of rain. We really needed the rain. Thanks for letting me know what you are reading... I am nearing the end of a really good book. It is very old but I had not read it..The Razor's Edge by Somerset Maugham. Very good....I can hardly put it down.

Have a great week!


JeannieTheDreamer said...

HI Tara, thank you so much for the award, how nice of you. I hope you're doing well. Re Life's a Beach: I think i will read this book soon. I saw it at Costco.


bj said...

Oh, sweet Tara...thank you so much for this award..I am so thrilled that you thought of me. You are so kind and generous and I know all the other bloggetts will love this like I do.
love, bj

Pat said...

Hi Tara!

Thanks so much for the award -- I love your blog too!

I love the lobster quote below and the book you are reading sounds interesting.

I'll be catching up on a pile of magazines I'm bringing on the plane with me. :-)

Have awonderful week!

Hugs, Pat

Judy said...

Tara - thank you so much for the award. I've started putting my awards on my sidebar but I will be sure and properly acknowledge this sweet "present" on my blog.

Take care now ya hea? (southern speak)


Cori G. said...

HI Tara,
CUTE, CutE CutE! Such a sweet award from a sweet lady and I have to say that I LOVE YOUR BLOG! It's always filled with sunshine and laughter. I always leave here feeling refreshed.
I'm glad you weathered the storm. I hope you have a wonderful week ahead of you.
XO Cori

M.Kate said...

Hello Tara,
aw..thank you for thinking of me. I love your blog too :D ..and that is a very long list!!

She'sSewPretty said...

Tara, Thanks so much for the award. I love your blog too! I also enjoyed the home tour above. you have a beautiful home! I think I would keep the kids and skip Emily Dickinson though. LOL

Cottage Contessa said...

Congratulations on your award sweetie, and thank you so much for sharing it with me too! I am honoured that you would include me with all those other awesome blogs, and I'm thrilled that you like to come and visit me because I love it when you do too! Hugs for you Tara!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

GardenGoose said...

thanks so much for the award.this is the 2nd time this week I have been awarded this one. what an honor.:0)
I have to get on the ball and get it posted onto my blog now.
thanks a bunch.

A Romantic Porch said...

Thank you for this sweet award. I'm truly honored that you would pass it along to me. xo rachel

Melissa @ The Inspired Room said...

Congratulations on your award. You are so sweet, thank you for honoring me and including me in your list. That makes my day!

I enjoyed your home tour in the next post, too!

Have a great day!


OH, PS. I just noticed you have my old blog address in the sidebar. If you don't mind updating it, here is the new one:


Magnolia Street Style said...

Tara, thank you so much for this award. It's so nice to be included with such a group of talented and inspirational bloggers. Some I know and some I don't, but I'm sure to stop by to meet someone new.


Amongst The Oaks said...

Thanks so much for sharing your award Tara. You are so sweet to visit my blog and make frequent comments. I often wish I could be as dedicated. I'm going to enjoy checking out all the blogs you mentioned too. Have a great week,

Donna said...

Hi Tara,
Thank you for the award! That was so sweet of you.

Sounds like a good book! I'm reading Good Dog, Stay, by Anna Quindlen and The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch.

Hugs to you!

Mary said...

Thank you SO much for my award. I cannot tell a lie ... it's my first, so of course it's my absolute favorite.

Loved the home tour too.

simplehappy home

Barb McMahon said...

Thanks so much for the award Tara!

And for a lovely long list of blogs to check out!

Rosie's Whimsy said...

Thanks Tara, I love you blog, too! I haven't been around much lately :-( I am sure I will get back in the groove when cool weather finally arrives.

I love all the pictures of your home. Have a great week!

Anonymous said...

Everything looks so bright and airy in your home. Thank you for the tour and the award. Big hug ~

Anonymous said...

Tara! Thanks for the Award. I arrived home today not in the best of moods as it was a hard day at work and I had some freelancing to do, and wasn't looking forward to it. I opened your post on my blog and it made my day a lot nicer. Thanks so much for the award. I will not get a chance to post tonight but I will get to it asap, and post my award. Thank you.

Agree 100% percent about your father. You have to believe that! He'll be fine, I know (we have a little experience with that) and it makes him feel so much better too..reading the way you relate to him.

Thanks again!
Kevin (halcyon at Journal 703

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

Thank you so much for the award! I really appreciate it, and it means a lot to me. I have it posted!


Gina said...

Thank you Tara! You are very generous to pass it on to sooo many too.. I am very happy you did and love to come and visit yours too! Your book sounds like a fun read.. will add to my list..Have a wonderful week Gx

Lydia said...

Hello Tara, Thank you! I am so honored! I will proudly display this award on my blog! Wishing you a very pleasant day,

Mockingbird Hill said...

Oh Tara...I am flustered a bit by this sweet award...thank you so much! We are still in the renovation mess, but I see a light at the end of a very long tunnel!!

Thanks for thinking of me and putting me in the company of some wonderful wonderfully unexpected. :)


Shannon (Faith and Chocolate) said...

Oh Tara! Thank you so much for the award... that is sooo sweet of you! ;) Thank you for posting your book... that sounds like a great read. (I'm so far behind on reading I'll just have to add it to my written list) ;P
Love ya, dear!

CIELO said...

Oh Tara, I'm sorry I missed seeying the award you so kind passed onto me.... I'm very honored to receive it.... My sincere THANKS......

May the sun shine upon you today


All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Tara - you gorgeous woman you make me LAUGH :-) I love your generosity in blog awarding :-) you are totally the cutest :-)

Thank you!!

Hugs to your dad from us :-)

God bless