Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fertility Yard and Prize Winner!

You know awhile back I shared with you our turtle egg mystery! Well, Mother Nature has dropped us another surprise in the same flower bed in our front yard!

A beautiful red robin's nest! Can you believe the Tiffany blue of these eggs?

This morning we looked out and (using a zoom lens!) peeked inside--imagine our surprise! We have been staying away so Mom can feed her newborn. We can hear her singing in the tree.
The garden is blooming...
We are waiting for our turtle egg to hatch this summer...(it's now buried and gestation is about three months...). It has been an exciting Spring for us this year!
Thank you all for your good wishes on my 100th post! I have met so many great people in Blogland! I took all the names of the people who commented on that post, stuck them in a bowl, and used the official way of choosing a winner--having my 7 year old plunge her hand in and choose! The winner? Amanda of Jacaranda Cottage! Now I wanted to tailor the prize to the winner (you would all be so fun to shop for, from everyone's blog you get a sense of what they'd like!)...and Amanda is a pink fan so here goes...

I hope she'll like this for some afternoon tea!

Now I just have to ship it off to Australia! Thank you for helping me celebrate and I appreciate and enjoyed your comments! :0)

Will keep you updated on our bird and turtle eggs! Our flower bed is very fertile, I'd say, wouldn't you?


Kathleen Grace said...

Tara, there isnt much in this world prettier than a robins nest with those beautiful eggs in it! And can you believe how she wove that thread of blue in it? She must be just like all of us, decorating her home and raising her babies:>) Thanks for the peek into such apretty nursery.

Life on Bonnie Lane said...

What a find!!! I love that the mother bird wove a bit of blue through her nest too. Those eggs are so pretty. I have always loved the color of robin's eggs!

What a beautiful prize! The recepient is going to feel so special.

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Tara!
If the pink tea set gets delivered in Ohio by mistake, I'll be sure to let you know...snicker snicker! It's so lovely Tara! Amanda is a lucky girl.
I love robin's nests!! So looking forward to the next birth announcement!
Hugs, Sherry

KarenHarveyCox said...

Tara, I love the robins nest, you are a lucky girl. I love the vivid blue. Congratulations to Amanda, I am sure that she will love this gift. congratulations again on your 100th post. I look forward to visiting the next 100. Blessings, Karen

Rosie's Whimsy said...

I believe that robin has been getting decorating tips from you! Can you believe the blue wound up in the nest so beautifully coordinating with her eggs. That is an amazing picture.

Oh my Amanda is a lucky gal! What a wonderful gift. I am sure she will be tickled "pink"!

((hugs)) Rosie

Angela said...

Oh my goodness isn't that baby bird the most precious site ever??.. Incredible that you could get a glimpse at this stage. Thanks for sharing these pics. Now I can't wait to see if you can catch a glimpse of the baby turtle soon:-).
Have a great day tomorrow!!

amanda said...

Wow! Gorgeous! And of course - that's my most favorite color!

Congrats on your 100th post! Mine is coming up in... 3 more I think!

Thanks so much for sharing!

Classics and Country said...

That is the most beautiful bird's nest I have seen. Darling.

Cottage Contessa said...

OH MY!!!! Tara, sweetie THANK YOU so very much!!! I was reading through your post and was excitedly coming to comment on those gorgeous robin's eggs, when the next thing I read is my name! It took me a second to realize why my name was on your post and that I had won, and I even called my daughter over to double check for me! lol I have only ever won one thing in my life and that was a music record when I was 9yrs old! Tara your gift couldn't be more generous, gorgeous or perfect, I LOVE it! Yippee!! I will be waiting excitedly by the letter box now. Hope I don't frighten the postie! lol
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Deb said...

What a wonderful photo of the Robin's nest and those gorgeous blue eggs! Both neighbours on either side of our home have Robin's nesting - I wish I could see inside the nests :-}
Your Mother's Day sounded wonderful spent in New York City!!

Carletta said...

With that touch of blue woven at the top I first thought it was a fake nest and egg. Crafty little robin!
Great pics Tara!

Feathering My Nest said...

Those flowers and robins eggs couldn't be more delightful! Oh and I can't think of a more deserving person than Amanda. I'm so happy for her. Your prize is perfect and so pretty.


CIELO said...

Such beautiful tour, Tara.... those colorful robins eggs are gorgeous... God's lovely creation... nature makes my heart sings! :)



spot said...

brilliant, you are becoming more of a naturalist everyday

Lynn@ The Vintage Nest said...

Is that blue paper wound up in the Robin's nest? Oh my...Amanda is going to love that! Sounds like you had a perfectly wonderful Mother's Day. ~ Lynn

TattingChic said...

What awe inspiring little gifts mother nature is giving you to enjoy first hand. Thank you for sharing them with the rest of us in blogger-land.

Mockingbird Hill said...

Congratulations to Amanda...lucky girl! Love the color of those eggs ;)

I don't think we will have any eggs this inexperienced yard guy trimmed our tree back so close and it barely has leaves *sigh* Maybe something will come around in the summertime..

Gotta go give congratulations to amanda...


Cori G. said...

Fertile garden indeed! The Robin is going to tell her friends about your yard and soon you'll be exiting the house through the windows. Hee! Hee! What a beautiful shade of blue. And speaking of beautiful...where did you find that gorgeous tea set? Amanda is going to be truly blessed.
Have fun!

Gina said...

What a nature's wonderland your garden must be ~ those eggs are so beautiful!
Congrats to the lucky winner :O)

M.KATE said...

Hi Tara, beautiful eggs and post, love it. Congrats to the winner and my angkor wat post is up. big hug to you :)

Tracy said...

OH, how beautiful...what a sweet find, that robin's egg nest! Look forward to an update on the turtle egg situation too :o) Congrats to Amanda on her prize...and what a beauty of prize--she'll have happy tea times wiht that set! Happy weekend to you & yours, Tara ((HUGS))

Donna said...

How exciting to find the eggs! The robin's nest is beautiful. Congrats to Amanda and what a wonderful gift she will receive.

Thanks for stopping by my blog ~ the rose paintings that I painted are all sold. I will have to paint more for etsy!

Have a great day!

Rhondi said...

Hi Tara
I'm just stopping by to say a quick hi . I am way behind in visiting my blogging friends. Love the robin's eggs. Isn't that a wonderfulcolor blue?
Hope you have a great weekend.
Hugs, Rhondi

All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Dear Tara - what beautiful eggs yo have in your yard and what a lovely prize for your competition! love your taste!

Shannon J said...

HI Tara! Thank you so much for your sweet comments about my mother... so wish I could spend another mother's day with her!
I soooo think you attract mother nature, girl! That robin's nest couldn't have come better from a studio set in a photo mag! THAT nest is just beautiful- Goes to show you that nature is just more beautiful than ANYTHING that could be "perfectly" set up for photography! (I only say that because I used to work in professional photography) Wow!
Lotsa Hugs!!!

Sandi McBride said...

Lucky winner! Beautiful pictures, congrats on your 100th post, too...I love the teacup set. Wish I had won,'s to 100 more!

Connie said...

Nature really is at your doorstep. The color of photos is so vibrant. The beauty of Mother Nature can't be duplicated.

The tea set is a wonderful gift. Amanda will enjoy it.


Oliver Rain said...

You have quite the menagerie happening around your home. Have a greet weekend Tara.

pve design said...

Mother nature is in full throttle at your place.
It reminds me of Cinderella and the birds making her dress or Snow White and all the animals chipping in to help tidy up. Da da da.....makes me want to whistle!

Catherine said...

They are a gorgeous shade of blue! ~Nature is wonderful! A beautiful nest too, mother bird is quite the builder,it has a females touch! :D
Beautiful flowers & blog you have, my first visit , & I am enjoying browsing through your post!
Enjoy the weekend!

GardenGoose said...

Hi tara, glad you liked the artwork.Still needing to find a home for it. Am actually trying to raise a bit of moolah so that I can buy paint to paint several rooms in my home to get it "market ready".
oh my gosh..those robin's eggs are so beautiful! as are your flowers. I have decided that when I get a new home..there simply must be a room in a robin's egg blue color. And..I simply must have colors like what are in Kim's "Daisy Cottage". I fell in love with her color chopices/blends the minute I saw her blog and my next home will definitely have tons of cheer.
My current home has more subdued/natural/pastel colors.
But when I get in a new home..look "wild child" is gonna surface..haha.:0)
Good luck with the turtle egg..what an are the robin's egs..I hope the little babies survive and thrive.
Here's wishing you an absolutely lovely day.
Thanks for stopping by.

Mary said...

Hi Tara, those robin's eggs ARE a a beautiful color, aren't they? How exciting that you can see the little ones! I'm looking forward to seeing the turtles, too!

It's been so busy here, I haven't had a chance to visit. congrats on your 100th post! Did you ever think you would get that far? Looking forward to the next 100. :)