Monday, April 7, 2008

Am I just Missing It??

Angela of Cottage Magpie last week asked for a green post in anticipation of spring. It has been so gray and cold here in New York I had to send her a post of spinach salad—the only greenery I could find!

Is it my imagination? This past weekend I looked in the red dirt for blooms…

Nothing here! I looked in the brown dirt for blooms-----nada!

I looked to the sky for anything, just a slice of blue!

Gray, gray, gray!

I looked to the trees for some sign of life…zip!

“Spring is just not coming to New York” one friend whispered to another.

But wait! Here’s a bloom!

And here!

Oooh! So lovely here!

Oops! All these blooms are FAKE and in the house somewhere! Desperate, I even sprayed them with Chanel #5 for a fake sniff!

Yikes! I am one warm- weather- deprived woman!


Abbie said...

Hi Tara!
I feel that same way here in NH.. although we atill have snow all over our ground. So no brown dirt, just dirty white..
Thank you for the fake blooms! They are better than nothing!

Cottage Contessa said...

Oh Tara, you made me laugh when you said you sprayed perfume on those fake flowers! lol I hope Spring comes your way really soon..........and I hope Autumn finally arrives here too!!
Amanda (aka Cottage Contessa)

Janet said...

Here is a poser for you....Vermont was sunny and relatively springlike ( upper 40s at least) on Saturday and promised to be even nicer on Sunday. As we drove SOUTH, it got colder and started drizzling and by the time we got to Southeastern Mass it was in the 30s and raining!!! There is definitely something wrong with the weather this year; spring will never appear and all of a sudden in May it will be full fledged summer!!

Done venting now and ready to get ready for (it better be) Sunny California!!


Donna said...

What a cute post! I'm so sorry you couldn't find any green. Hopefully spring will hurry it's way up to you.
Thanks for making me smile!

Tracy said...

It's gray and dull here in southern Norway too *SIGH*...when is real spring going to happen, I can't help but wonder? But thank goodness for fake, everlasting blooms! Your spritz of perfume is a great idea ;o) Happy week to you & yours, Tara ((HUGS))

amanda said...

Hi Tara!

I'll post some flower pics this week for all you spring-deprived ladies in the north! I'm happy to say - there are blooms everywhere here. It has even rained quite a bit this week and gotten us closer to recovering from the drought. Hopefully the water restrictions will be raised before too long! YAY!

Sending you warm wishes from the south! Hang in there - spring will soon visit you as well!


CIELO said...

I know what you mean, you are NOT alone... here where I live it's been the same. Only yesterday we had a little sunshine and it was oh so good! I post about, because it felt so good! come and see.

Have a great day, sweetie...


Sandi McBride said...

I'm sure Spring will off you a sprig of greenery with a hint of color very soon! My apple tree is beginning to go all green and pink and looking lovely, and yet it's only 49 degrees here in the it's not just you honeybunch, we're all a bit deprieved!

Brenda Kula said...

But your photos of the sky are so beautiful! You might think of framing them. Spring will come. It's even later here in Texas. And when it does come your way, you will rejoice and feel rejuvenated by each new green shoot outside. I'm sending spring weather karma your way!

A Romantic Porch said...

Oh Tara, I hear you, but I have found a few sprigs of promise in the last few days. xoRAchel

Firefly Hill said...

I am with you Tara! It feels like it will never come!


Debbie said...

Hang in there, it will come. We are having our spring flowers here. We have sunny spots, but mostly rain until July forth. Then our summer is finally here.

Pat said...

I heard the Colorado Rockies got a foot of snow today, so it could be worse Tara ..tee hee!

I tagged you for a book tag -- rules on my blog. Please participate only if you want to, and have the time. I'm never offended if someone declines a tag.



Mary said...

Oooh, so gray, gray, gray here today. Saturday was beautiful, but just a tease.

Angela said...

Hi Tara,
Hopefully it'll be blooming in your area soon. Blowing green your way:-)

Jasminé said...

Hi there Tara
I have just come across your blog via Jacaranda Cottage.
its lovely!
I live in Ireland, and we had snow this morning (snow in April??!) - so we are also longing for the "real" spring, although, we have had a few scattered sunny days or should I say sunny periods.
Being an ex-South African, I too am a warm -weather-deprived-woman!!
Ha ha - I love the name of your blog, by the way!

M.KATE said...

Hi Tara, i think it's time for you to come over to this side of the pond, what say you ? sunny skies @ 39.5 degree..

Teresa @ PlumWater Cottage said...

Hope some sunny springlike weather comes your way's been such a long period of drear and gloom.

Carletta said...

Cute post Tara!
I posted yellow forsythia today against a clear blue sky - come enjoy till Spring gets to you.

Jeanie said...

There is much to be said for the divine fake bloom -- especially when you live in northern climates like I do! I was so excited to have sprouts popping up, I kept taking profoundly boring but very meaningful photos!

Anonymous said...

I know it isn't funny to you sweetie,but it made me laugh. I know Spring will come your way.

Cori G. said...

Hi Tara,
Spring has sprung here in So. Cal. but the sun still hasn't shown her face. It's cold and gray.

Susie Q said...

IT will be there is only just arriving here in Ohio! A set back here and there is on the way too but I think Spring is really going to make it after all!


All Things Bright and Beautiful... said...

Tara - you make me LAUGH!! Love the green spinach salad bit!! Ohhh dear - I need to send you some sun here from HK - I can tell you're desperate for it when we start seeing fake flowers and Chanel no 5 on them :-)

Jennifer said...

Just too, funny, Tara. Chanel No.5??!! Here in Ottawa, we've been equally as sun and warm weather deprived -- but, the end is in site! Crocuses are now up!